St. Luke's (County Line) Cemetery

You can find some of our cemetery records here...we update as time permits.  Please call the church (at least a week in advance) and someone will call you back with more information.  Come, visit!  It's beautiful...

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  St.  Luke's UCC    (County Line)   

What's with the flying cow?The winged ox is a traditional symbol for St. Luke. One idea for the origin of this symbol is because Luke's  Gospel begins with the presentation of Jesus, just after his birth, to the priest, Zachariah, who would have sacrificed oxen.This image is one of stained glass windows on the East wall.

What is with St. Luke's  UCC (County Line)?  Locals have called our church "County Line Church" for years because the property is in both Rockingham and Shenandoah Counties.  We answer to either name.